10 Project Features

1. Increase in Value up to 3-8 times

The only Cultural Tourism Energy Industry allows you to enjoy the spiritual energy of the universe for blessings of a lifetime, reaching a higher-level of knowledge towards enlightenment. All of that with an excellent business model, your assets are highly expected to increase in value up to 3-8 times.

2. Along the Belt and Road

In early 2015, President Xi Jinping visited Yunnan and set out new ambitions for Yunnan. In terms of connectivity, the total roadway length in Yunnan is 238,000km long, with highways making up 4,134km and is expanding to the borders of Vietnam, Myanmar and Laos. There are a total of 14 operating airports with 406 routes available, which makes it the most well-connected province with South Asia and Southeast Asia.

3. Spacetime Sheng Ji

This is the world’s first ever east and west combination of its kind, where Taoism Sheng Ji meets energy science to form Spacetime Sheng Ji!

4. Close to Bodhisattva

Spacetime Pyramid patrons will put their DNAs into the pyramid of Spacetime Energy Cabin which is neighboring with the Bodhisattva to gain not only cosmic energy but also blessing to enhance their luck for 365 days a year.

5. Limited Quantities

Only 600,000 Spacetime Energy Cabin is available to cater at least 200 million elite buyers, a huge gap in supply and demand.

6. 4-Star Travel Destination

The entire project is 495-acre large, which will also have conference centre, resort hotels, medicinal plantation and many more. A plan to collaborate with Shangri-La Bechuya Tibetan Culture Manor is in place to develop a China 4-star travel destination that will draw large numbers of visitors annually.

7. Shangri-La is adjacent to the flourishing Lijiang

Lijiang, a blooming city, is 140km away from Shangri-La City. In 2016, Lijiang has drawn 35,199,100 local and foreign visitors. In the last 20 years, the number of tourists rose from 845,000 in 1995 to 35,199,100 in 2016, an increase of 41.6 times. The total tourism revenue increased from 330 million yuan in 1995 to 60.876 billion yuan in 2016, a 184-fold increase.

8. The One and Only

No replica can be made as it is the only place in the world that is the closest to the sacred land of Shambhala Kingdom.

9. FengShui Paradise

A FengShui paradise where heaven and earth collide to form the energy of the universe, lifting your spirits up for endless positivity

10. Shambhala Mandala

Create the world’s largest Shambhala Mandala and become a Buddhist sanctuary.