Geographical Characteristics

Location is always the key. Land is non-renewable, and to have a location that is both historical and uniquely cultural is one in a million. Spacetime Pyramid is located at the sacred place where Bodhisattva descents. Infront of it lies the thousand-year-old Sun Temple. Next to it is the Ancient Tea Horse Road, which is also more than a thousand years old. The location is also home to the legendary Shambhala Kingdom, the heart of Tibetan Buddhism that is highly honourable and irreplaceable to the Tibetans. The development project is sure to bring more significance to this pure land.

1. Ancient Tea Horse Road

Besides Silk Road, the Ancient Tea Horse Road was also one of the eminent ancient network of trade routes in China. It was formed in the Han dynasty and plays an important role in the spread of China’s tea culture.

6. Golden Bat

Golden Bat all over Sun Temple and Spacetime Pyramid is a sign of fortune, as the word “Fu” for both bat and fortune is pronounced the same.

2. Heaven on Earth

Spacetime Pyramid is in the “heaven on earth” Shangri-La, at the sacred place of LapuMountians where Bodhisattva or Pusa descents, which is the closest to Shambhala Kingdom, the pure land of Buddhism.

7. Eight-petal lotus flower

The picturesque natural environment is surrounded by mountains. It is like an eight-petal lotus flower. Being in it, we feel a sense of respect and carry out our wisdom and spirituality. It is both the improvement of wisdom and knowledge.

3. Clockwise Pine Forest

Near to the project site is a pine forest where the trees grow spiral clockwise. Being in the forest resembles the believers rolling the prayer wheels non-stop and the effect is the same as to purify negativities, making you feel reenergized and healthy.

8. Eight Auspicious Symbols

The blue sky often presents eight auspicious symbols known as the Ashtamangala (Umbrella, Wheel, Victory Banner, Sacred Conch Shell, Lotus Flower, The Endless Knot, Golden Fish, Sacred Vase) Wherever these auspicious signs exist, there will be the dependent arising of increasing the virtue of auspiciousness.

4. Sun Temple

Established by the Shiche Sect Master MachigLabdrön a follower of DamoPatriach some 1,000 year ago, the temple was destroyed long ago before Loga Rinpoche rebuilt and renamed it the Temple of the Sun in 2008.

9. Triple Mountain

Sun Temple itself is a mountain of glorious sun and moon, and its positive energy is limitless. Behind the Spacetime pyramid is a mountain peak, and behind the mountain tip there is another mountain peak, showing the gorgeous of triple mountain view.

5. A Good Sign

The hilly road to Sun Temple and Spacetime Pyramid unknowingly make up a thumbs-up hand gesture, which is a good sign of success!

10. Airflow Energy

The location of SpaceTime Pyramid is where heaven and earth collide to create a phenomenon of airflow energy at night, the scene is like in the clouds, a prosperous place for FengShui to take its course.