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DeepSea Phyto
Enzymes Spray

Special selected fresh organic flowers as main ingredients, Aenergy DeepSea Phyto Enzymes Spray is natural fermented enzyme essence of processed flowers extract which has been extracted by advanced biotechnology. The richness of small cellular molecules can penetrate easily to cornium to restore the natural cellular function of skin.

Rose, Jasmine, Lily, Lavender, Alpinia zerumbet, Luffa Flower, Pumpkin flower, Lotus, Murraya, Deep Sea Water

Suitable for:
• Wound: Scald, frostbite, cut, scar, wound's odor
• Skin: Dry, rough, peeling, callosity, dermatophytosis, pore toning, whitening, anti-wrinkle, hand dermatitis, black spot, pimple, cracked heel, corn, itch, allergy, eczema, anti-bacteria, varicosity
• Oral cavity: Gum ache, aphthous stomatitis
• Children: Miliaria, rash
• Women: Pruritus vulvae, vaginal odor

Spray directly after cleansing (about 7 inches distance), then massage or pat slightly

Float or sediment is formed naturally during fermentation and has no effect on quality.

• Preservative-free
• Artificial & Colouring-free
• Does not contain inferior strain and heavy metals
• Tested by 443 non-toxic examinations of National Poison Center of Malaysia